Perfect Angel 1

Lan McArdle, Russell Walker, Edwin Stevens, Josephine Edwards, Valentina Lamour, Owen Williams, Glenn Gofton, Taylor Stewart

Edited by Owen Williams

Illustrated by Josephine Edwards


  • Books will start shipping early June 2024.
  • A GOB NATION production.
  • As featured in The Guardian

A collection of eighteen spiteful blasts of short fiction and poetry from the Gob Nation Collective (and extended family) edited by Owen Williams (The Tubs).

A noble venture if there ever was one.

Dennis Cooper (Author of The Sluts, Frisk, I Wished)

A North Walian teenager called ‘Bum Head’ quietly raps about “sucking pussy on the regs”. A Hermes Warehouse Operative derives sexual pleasure from the condoned destruction of Christmas presents. Paul Dunwoody frantically tries to report his neighbour for ‘having unprotected sex with Craig Rusby’. A sinister plot threatens to ruin Benny Blue’s birthday a.k.a ‘the most mental day of the year’. Claire Champagne infiltrates her local Torture Therapy Allotment and accuses her psychotherapist ex-husband of seducing a refugee. California dreaming in Greggs. Carveries with a married man. Drinking a pot noodle with a hand on one hip.

Perfect Angel 1 is a collection of twelve spiteful blasts of short fiction and poetry. Some of these writers are publishing for the first time. Others are in the publishing/journo world. Most write stories about what Paul Dunwoody would term ‘the droppings of society’. Almost all of them are members and affiliates of Gob Nation, and play in bands like Sniffany and The Nits and The Tubs. I’ve heard them compared from everyone from Kathy Acker to Dennis Cooper to James Joyce to Julia Davis to Donald Barthelme, but taken together, their work takes on an aesthetic coherence due to, in our opinion, a shared talent for capturing the strangeness of morbid boring Britain today.

Perfect Angel Press is the new literature arm of Gob Nation- the South London collective/label/promoter made of band members from The Tubs, Sniffany & The Nits, Ex-Void etc. Taking inspiration from a bygone era when publishers like Grove were linked to weirdo punk scenes, Perfect Angel Press aims to offer a funner/grottier alternative to the minimalist, academic orthodoxy of contemporary indie publishing.


Release Date
01 June 2024
110 pp
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Fiction, Poetry